Sealcoating is crucial to the preservation of asphalt.  Not only does asphalt emulsion sealcoat beautify the pavement, it protects it from oxidation, wear and tear from traffic, oil spills, rain, dirt and salt.  Sealcoating also makes moss more managable and easier to clean off pavements.  There are several methods of application.

-Spray Distribution (2 coats)

-Squeegee Application (2 coats)

-Squeegee first coat, spray second for even finish (2 coats)

Depending on your parking lots condition each method has its benefits but all pavement should absolutely be two-coated with the spray option being the second coat for a smooth and even finish.  Sealcoating should be done every three to five years depending on traffic.

Execution:  The lot must be completely blocked off from cars and pedestrians.  The parking lot is thoroughly cleaned with industrial blowers and powered metal brooms with power washing if necessary.  All concrete to be neatly painted and sealed around.  Apply 2 coats of Sealcoat and let dry and cure over night.  At least 12-24 hours of cure time must be allowed before lot should be opened.

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