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About Us

McLeod Asphalt Maintenance LLC was established in 2011 by Todd McLeod and his son Nathan McLeod.  Todd McLeod was born in western Wisconsin in 1958.  He, his brother and cousin started an asphalt repair company in the late 1980's in Green Bay, WI.  The harsh winters, use of salt, and below freezing temperatures make asphalt maintenance a huge priority to maintain a healthy parking lot or driveway which is where he learned the importance of asphalt maintenance and repair.  In 2004 Todd and his family moved to Seattle, WA where he worked for local asphalt and sealing companies and quickly realized that local asphalt preservation standards needed improvement.

McLeod Asphalt Maintenance LLC focuses on efficiency, high standard of work, and building positive relationships with the residents, business owners, and property managers of the Pacific Northwest.  Whether it's a small driveway, commercial or industrial property, we have you covered.  We have a crew of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who want to see you succeed, and that starts with maintaining and beautifying your investment.

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